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Grand Ave Vet Clinic


THVC is a small but quaint companion animal clinic providing a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for our patients. We have two examination rooms, pharmacy and laboratory, surgical suite, treatment area, and kennel space for 5 hospitalized patients.

Our diagnostic capabilities at THVC include the Idexx Vettest, allowing us access to laboratory chemistry results within 30 minutes of animal's presentation in the clinic if needed. Our lab also allows us to perform in-house complete blood counts, fecal analysis, cytology, and numerous other condition-specific tests. We have an opthalmoscope and a digital tonopen for measuring intraocular eye pressure in suspected cases of glaucoma. An agreement with Lakeview Memorial Hospital gives us access to radiology that is less than five minutes away.

Our doctors perform most types of soft tissue surgery, from spays and neuters to mass resections and abdominal exploratories. We also do some simple orthopedic procedures. We have digital dental radiography and can provide most types of needed dental care for pets.


Some medical conditions require the assistance of a board-certified specialist to provide the best care for your pet. At THVC, we have established solid relationships with some of the best specialists in the state to extend the level of care we can provide.

Internal Medicine

For difficult medical cases, we will often consult with Dr. Roger Pitts, a Duluth veterinarian that is board-certified in internal medicine. Dr. Pitts received his board certification after completing a residency at Colorado State University and has been boarded for over 20 years. His compassion and expertise is unmatched.

Diagnostic Ultrasound and Limited Radiation Therapy

We work with Dr. Ralph Weischelbaum, a board-certified radiologist from the Twin Cities, to provide high-end ultrasound diagnostics. Dr. Weischelbaum performs both abdominal ultrasound and echocardiography, giving us access to less-invasive ultrasound-guided biopsy and aspiration of intra-abdominal and pericardial abnormalities. Dr. Weischelbaum also has a facility in the Cities used to provide curative radiation therapy for hyperthyroid cats, and he provides transport for those cats to and from Duluth as part of his treatment program. Dr. Weischelbaum has been boarded in radiology for over 15 years.


For difficult surgery cases, we utilize Dr. Calvin Kobluk, a board-certified surgeon out of St. Cloud. Dr. Kobluk performs just about any orthopedic surgery, from difficult fractures to anterior cruciate ligament repair techniques, and also performs some more difficult soft tissue surgeries as well. Dr. Kobluk has been boarded in surgery for over 20 years.

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